Cyberline Racing update (0.9.6622) available!

New Cyberline Racing update (0.9.6622) available! https://goo.gl/lE4fSL WHAT’S NEW: – Car power index added – Upgrade packs added – Tuners team added – Race opponents comparison added – Controls sensitivity slider added – Balance changes – Bug fixes and optimizations  


Nearwood is out on Steam as well!

When I prepared the previous news post about the release of “Dorian Gray Syndrome” over Steam, I noticed that I totally forgot to mention that “Nearwood” was also released on Steam a few months ago. “Nearwood” was the last hidden object game that we developed before switching to other genres like racing and RPG, so…


“Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders” is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

We’re happy to announce that “Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders”, the sequel to our best selling psychological thriller “Dorian Gray Syndrome”, is now available for download on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. For those of you who don’t know the back story: in the new installment of the “Brink of Consciousness” series, you’ll…


Announcing Saga Tenebrae

Hey, everyone! We’re really proud to announce Saga Tenebrae – a project that we’ve long held under a veil of secrecy and shadow. First of all, surprisingly enough, it’s a game. But not just any game – it’s a bold mix of old-school dungeon-crawling RPG’s, like Wizardry, with modern gameplay concepts. You’ll take a party…



When thinking of casual games, we inevitably consider such hit titles as Candy Crush Saga and its near-clone Jelly Splash; Farmville or Hayday, Cut The Rope and Angry Birds… the list can go on an on. What we thought of is something that, while not entirely new, will bring a bit of a diversity in…


Yo-ho-ho and bottle of grog!!!

“Robinson Crusoe and the Cursed Pirates” was originally released for PC back in 2010. While at that time we did not fully realize that, it was a game we made for our own fun. Inspired by our love of Pirates and on the tides of success of Disney’s pirate franchise, the player was supposed to…