Cyberline Racing update (0.9.6622) available!

New Cyberline Racing update (0.9.6622) available! https://goo.gl/lE4fSL WHAT’S NEW: – Car power index added – Upgrade packs added – Tuners team added – Race opponents comparison added – Controls sensitivity slider added – Balance changes – Bug fixes and optimizations  


Nearwood is out on Steam as well!

When I prepared the previous news post about the release of “Dorian Gray Syndrome” over Steam, I noticed that I totally forgot to mention that “Nearwood” was also released on Steam a few months ago. “Nearwood” was the last hidden object game that we developed before switching to other genres like racing and RPG, so…


“Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders” is now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

We’re happy to announce that “Brink of Consciousness: The Lonely Hearts Murders”, the sequel to our best selling psychological thriller “Dorian Gray Syndrome”, is now available for download on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. For those of you who don’t know the back story: in the new installment of the “Brink of Consciousness” series, you’ll…


Inside Cyberline Racing: Armorman

Armorman is a big fan of different sorts of protection, especially armor-like protection. He has been around the deadly races almost since they have started; he didn’t race, but he had helped a few racers to design the armor plating for their cars. When one of his clients died in the races, everyone started blaming…


Characters. Making of. Part One.

Hello there, I am Alexander Tvetkov, and I am a lead game designer and a screenwriter at Magicindie. In the following blog entry, I would like to show you the creation process of a game character, taking Oscar as an example. He is the villain in the Dorian Gray Syndrome game, and also one of…


Inside Cyberline Racing: Mountain D

A mentally deranged Asian drifter, the winner of countless mountain drift races. Is famously cruel and unforgiving towards his enemies. Was once told by a defeated racer that while his reckless style might work in ordinary races where everything is on the up and up, he would quickly be crushed in a no-holds-barred underground race.…


Inside Saga Tenebrae: Monster Development

Cheerio! I am Pavel and I work on the Saga Tenebrae project as a 2D artist. Well, my job is rather complicated and, to put it mildly, spooky. I am the one who designs the monstrous monsters that you’ll encounter in the game. Moreover, from where I see it, you’ll have two options: kill or…