Inside Saga Tenebrae: Character Development

Hi, my name is Cristiana and I’m one of the artists working on Saga Tenebrae. We thought that you might be interested in seeing how our characters are made, so here we go – I’ll lead you through the creation of our Barbarian.

It all starts with a description from our Game Designers:

The barbarian is supposed to be a red-haired hulk with a braided beard and blue eyes, bare-chested, clothed in a bear skin, fearless and ready to do anything for material wealth.

Then, I proceeded to draw a few quick sketches, in order to flesh out his personality, the overall feel and his position taking into consideration the vertical orientation of our character cards.

The next step was to choose the right elements for his armor and outfit, so that the result would show an imposing, heroic figure wearing massive elements showcasing his strength and brutality. Texture also plays a large role in that – the icy winter textures and colors are perfect for underlining his endurance and ruggedness.


Next, the concept was brought to maximum detail in grayscale, using Adobe Photoshop as a drawing medium.


Then I colored his skin, using an Overlay layer. The same technique was used for the background, outfit and weapons.


Next I added more detail on his belt, boots and shoulders, fleshed out more his face and hair, as well as the grass and stones under his feet, the texture of the bear skin and on his weapons. All this served to give him an impression of life. I made the character stand out from the background by using a very bright winter landscape and the color accents in his hair, the blue tattoo on his face and chest. To give a feeling of space, I used a blue-purple color contrasting with the warm tone of his skin. To further deepen the winter atmosphere, I added snowflakes to the background.


And so, here he is – a bad-ass Barbarian, ready to take on anything and anyone!


It’s a lot of fun :)) and I get a lot of help from Mr. Cat


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