Critical consensus: Nearwood is your next adventure game addiction


Here we are two weeks after Nearwood’s release and our last casual hidden object adventure game is getting impressive reviews both from critics and gamers. With pride we have gathered a few excerpts in this post:

GameZebo 5/5

Nearwood is the kind of game that makes you excited to see what awaits you beyond the next bend in the road. For that reason alone, the experience is next to magical.

AllAboutCasualGame 5/5

Nearwood will keep you going WOW scene after scene; the visuals are mind-blowing, the story is great and the gameplay is very relaxing and entertaining.

GameMile 5/5

The game is trully a great place to be both visually and mentally so to say.


In fact, if you find a game you like better than Nearwood this year, I’d be very surprised as this casual adventure game really is wonderful.

Diehard GameFAN

If this is truly MagicIndie’s last shot at the hidden object genre, it’s a pretty good way to go out.


I just finished Nearwood and it was the best game I have played since Myst. The graphics were amazing and so much fun – hope you come out with another one that is light, graphical and as whimsical as Nearwood.


NEVER have I given a 5 star rating but Nearwood truly deserves every one of them!!! There are not enough superlatives to describe the wonder and joy of this game and it’s bonus chapter. It is a feast for the senses. I just hope I won’t have to wait too long for more of this caliber of game from this developer!!! I HIGHLY recommend this game!!!

With this occasion, the team behind Nearwood would like to thank all our fans and players who enjoyed our creation. We worked hard to offer you an unforgetable experience. We will continue doing this, as usual :)


Yours Magicindie team!


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