Inside Cyberline Racing: The Making of a Serial Killer’s Car

Hi, my name is Nikolai. I am the art director on the Cyberline Project. In this short post I would like to tell you about the way we ended up designing the car driven by Oscar, one of the characters in our game.

A few words about the character himself. Oscar is a manic-depressive serial killer afflicted by the Dorian Gray Syndrome. He believes himself to be a man of the arts, and signed up for the Cyberline show as a means to advertise his art and eventually open a school to teach his twisted craft.




Incidentally, Oscar is also a character in one of our previous games, Brink of Consciousness: The Dorian Gray Syndrome. We felt it would be a good idea to carry him over into our new game, as a colorful character such as him would fit right in with the rest of the Cyberline Racing character lineup.

Speaking of which, Brink of Consciousness: The Dorian Gray Syndrome is a quest game where the main character, Sam, must save his fiancé from the deadly clutches of the maniac, Oscar. The title received the Game of the Month award from GameZebo, and remains one of our most successful releases. It it is available for all major platforms; download links are below:

Amazon Kindle:
Google Play:

This character has a very conservative image, and right off the bat we felt that an old-timer car would fit this image best, although not without a few futuristic and cyberpunk features. We chose the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B as a prototype that most closely fit our idea of what the car driven by Oscar should look like.


Reference car

An initial sentiment of enthusiasm gave us the certainty that the task would be a simple one. We immediately set off to work designing the 3D model. The main priority was to preserve the time-proven lines and style of our prototype, while adding just a dash of cyberpunk flavor. Making this work without ending up with a cheap, cartoonish design turned out to be a delicate process, seeing as the design of the prototype was a carefully balanced whole, and changing even a small detail would have the potential to affect it. With the initial raw sketch in hand, the team sat down for a meeting and came to the conclusion that, in our attempt to preserve a classical design, we ended up with a car that would not fit in well with the concept of the game. The car struck us as exceedingly “classic”, and perhaps not particularly appealing to the player.


First concept

A decision was made to redesign the car from scratch, but this time approach the task from a different angle. We would no longer take existing cars as a starting point; instead we would merely draw inspiration from the generic features of all classical automobiles. Initial sketches attempted to narrow in on a unique and individual character of our car. Silhouettes and various details of the car were drawn at this stage.

4 3 2

5 1

More concepts

Using this initial batch of ideas, I set out to sketch a concept for Oscar’s car. Instead of a technical drawing, we chose to represent the car in a realistic, volumetric manner in order to make the concept easier to take in. The final version of the car is presented below. We hope our work has paid off!


Final concept

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