Inside Cyberline Racing: Designing the Northern Steel track

Hello guys, this time we’d like to share with you some of the backstage development process for our track locations.

In this post we will be talking about a location in the Northern Steel track called The Smeltery.

1. Designing the idea

With the text description in hand, some visual references are put together and our 2D artists begin to draw several variations of this location. At this stage the most important thing is finding the right, eye-catching light composition and mood. After some time we come up with something like this:

Плавильня Транспортировка Руды

2. Rough 3D modeling

Based on the 2D concept art we proceed to the 3D part and begin laying out a rough 3D model. At this stage we focus only on the big shapes and key structural elements.

Zal_Wireframe shaded Koridor_Wireframe shaded

3. Setting up lighting

At this stage we set up our light sources and try to replicate the light composition and mood from the concept as closely as possible.

Zal_Lighting Koridor_Lighting

4. Texturing

This process includes only texture work. At this stage artists try to find the necessary materials and try to replicate the desired surfaces by combining photographic references and hand-drawing techniques.

Zal_Unlit Koridor_Unlit

5. Final in-game setup

Finally all geometry and textures are implemented in the game engine where the final shaders and FX are applied.

main hall _ unity corridor _ unity

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge!


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